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The SELECTED brand was launched in 1997 for the menswear market and the presence of the brand in 25 countries around the world reveals the strong foothold SELECTED has gained on the market. In 2008 Bestseller launched a new female brand – SELECTED FEMME. Today both SELECTED FEMME and SELECTED HOMME is available in unisex retail stores as well as wholesale stores worldwide. SELECTED has more than 30 brand shops and is sold by 1,300 dealers worldwide, almost all of which are situated in A or A+ locations. More than 200 employees around the world handle all activities associated with the brand.

SELECTED FEMME represents a strong, metropolitan woman. She is fashionforward with an edge. Her wardrobe is a contrast between seductive and sophisticated items. Exclusive qualities as well as textured and eye catching details enhance the unique and luxurious feel of the SELECTED FEMME universe. SELECTED FEMME meets women’s individuality and it therefore represents two strong looks – FEMME & FEMME JEANS. There are six collections a year, divided into the product mix seen below and the price segment “low of the high”.

SELECTED epitomises good taste. With its representation of modern menswear, Selected HOMME presents 2 lines: HOMME and JEANS. These lines feature 4 strong lifestyles: TREND & FORMAL (HOMME LINE), and JEANS & CASUAL (JEANS LINE). Each lifestyle conveys a unique interpretation of a contemporary man who is individual and confident with his style. He mixes and matches his existing wardrobe with the season’s newcomers to create a distinctive and exciting look. Attention to detail is key throughout each lifestyle.

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